Pupil Librarian Awards 2024

Posted on: 03/05/2024

Integrated into our LitFest 2024, Mayfield School had a special challenge for our wonderful Pupil Librarians - the "Shelfie Challenge".  Each team was allocated a designated section/genre in the Library and pupils were expected to keep their assigned sections updated, tidied, neat and appealing. Individuals were responsible for promoting their allocated genre, aiming to encourage and inspire other readers to pick a book from their section.

The Library team assessed their work on a weekly basis and staff were invited to vote towards the end of the Spring term.

As a result of their extraordinary enthusiasm, we had a massive tie!

  1. Five winners (62 points):

  • Dystopian – Zoyah H. 8M7
  • Historical – Muhammad H. 7M6
  • Adventure – Hafeesa N. 10M9
  • Horror – Kanishka S. and Areebah S. 8M2
  • Humour - Kyreth K. 7M1
  1. Two runners-up (59 points):

  • Romance – Maisha B. and Marium K.
  • Thriller – Gurdeep K. 7M8
  1. 3rd place (57 points):

  • Science Fiction – Hifza A. 7M1 and Huda A. 8M5
  • Mystery/Crime – Hayley M. 8M8, Tegan P. 9M9 and Yanissa B. 10M9


On the 1st of May we had a special Award ceremony in the Library at lunch. Mr Iafrate kindly announced the winners and Miss Bennett generously supported the Awards, and handed over the gifts. Thank you both, for brightening up the event with your inspiring words.

Some students have stepped down along the journey, but this lot of Pupil Librarians are absolute role models, for their passion, independence and resilience! Congratulations! You are all winners!

Miss Ferreira, Mrs Scott and Mr Black




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