6th Dec

Model UN Day

On Wednesday, 6th of December 2017, over 150 students took part in the first Model United Nations day at Mayfield School. Students represented delegates from over 50 member states of the UN in debates on a range of issues facing the global community today. These included: Palestine-Israel and the two state solution, North Korea and Nuclear Disarmament, and the access to clean water in Africa.   Students from Year 7 to Year 12 debated and discussed in committees on these various crises throughout the day, and were able to draft realistic resolutions. The students involved displayed their insight and knowledge of these global issues, and were professional and respectful throughout. â€‹   Mr James Bulman of the UNHCR closed out the ceremony with a message on the continuing relevance of the United Nations in confronting global challenges, and the lasting impact ordinary people can have on those currently facing refugee crises. Director of the Year 10 Security Council, Saman Haque, also noted, "You are the future leaders [and] I sincerely hope today was successful in providing you a platform where you gain a real insight into what the leadership requires. I hope this conference allows you to flourish and unlock your potential as students, individuals and leaders.​"​    Mr J Piller and Mr M Zanier would personally like to thank the students who took part, our team of Chairs for their hard work in preparing and managing each committee, Mr Bulman for his engaging speech, Miss E Barrows for capturing the day's events, and the staff members who dedicated their time to sit in and observe the committees.
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