Year 11

Year Group Leader

R. WaltersMr R. Walters

Being a Year Group Leader is about providing opportunities for all the students in the cohort. It is also about providing pastoral and academic support by getting the students to engage with their tutors and class teachers to help guide them to develop their full potential.

Every child matters and it is our duty as the pastoral team leaders to make sure the needs of all the students are met. We encourage the students to be leaders, take on responsibilities, show resilience, engage in the school community, show initiative, have a voice, be their BEST, and prepare for the future. Having led three cohorts, starting in year 7 through to year 11, it has been a rewarding journey witnessing the growth of all of the students as they develop into young adults ready for the real world. The biggest reward for myself in this role, is trying to make sure that all the students are successful and fulfilled, whereby they believe anything is possible.

Assistant Year Group Leader

N. AshwellMiss N. Ashwell

Being an Assistant Year Group Leader has given me the chance to help our students mature into young adults, who are able to achieve their dreams and aspire further. It is imperative that our students have the ability to maintain positive relationships with staff and students alike. I make it my priority to ensure students feel safe and comfortable in and out of school and have the confidence to discuss issues they may have.

Year 11 Summer Home Learning 2019


Year 11 Form Tutors

11M1 Mr M. Vaghela
11M2 Mr Y. Shah
11M3 Mr E. Sterling
11M4 Miss C. Higginson
11M5 Mrs S. McDonald
11M6 Mr M. Samad 
11M7 Mrs I. Bhatia
11M8 Mr J. Cullen
11M9 Miss G. Hawkins
11M10 Mrs F. Roberts
11M11 Miss R. Khela
11M12 Miss F. Begom


Year 11 PPEs and Revision

Below are useful documents for Year 11 students to download


Page Downloads Date  
Parental control App 2018.pdf 20th Mar 2018 Download
Acceptable Use of ICT Systems (Students) 04th Jun 2018 Download
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