Welcome from the Headteacher

At Mayfield, we are totally committed to the success of every child.

Learning is central to everything that we do and we strive always to ensure that every child receives the support and guidance they need to reach their full potential.

Mayfield School is a community built on shared values of respect, fairness and hard work.

We maintain a safe and secure environment where all can thrive and succeed. We have the highest possible expectations for all of our students and, through providing the appropriate amount of support and challenges, seek to ensure that every student meets them.

We believe that students have an absolute right to achievement and excitement in their education and also that it is a fundamental part of a school's role to give students and families a real voice in their school. We listen carefully to what students have to say and we are always looking for opportunities to involve families more in their children's school experience.

We want all of our students to aspire to be the best that they can be and to discover more in themselves than they thought possible. We offer a rich and increasingly varied curriculum to cater for the wide variety of interests and needs within the school and we are aware that school involves more than just academic study.

We are a school that is fully committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of our work. You can be confident that at Mayfield your child will be supported, encouraged, challenged and given every opportunity to be the best that they can be.

Andy Rehling,


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Alison Kriel FRSA #fff - September 24
Did you know that if you text 07725 909090 or 07786 209697 when you are feeling really depressed, a crisis counsellor will text with you? Service is run by Samaritans and Papyrus, and brilliant if you dont feel able to talk, but ok to txt.
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Krispy Kreme UK - September 20
Great fundraising work guys 👌🏽😀
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R77 Soccer School - September 20
MAYFIELD SCHOOL! We have taken up after school sessions for the students of Mayfield School in Essex. One session down.. rest of the year to go!
mayfield_school - September 19
mayfield_school - September 19
Year 8 Celebration Assembly 2018...
mayfield_school - September 13
Sports Leaders' Graduation...
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National Online Safety - September 11
❓🖥📱6 quick questions for parents to ask their child about online safety:
mayfield_school - August 23
GCSE Results...
mayfield_school - August 16
Mayfield's AS & A-Level Results are in...
mayfield_school - August 16
RESULTS DAY! Congratulations to everyone obtaining their A-Level results today. I hope you all achieve what you’ve worked ever so hard for.
mayfield_school - July 27
We wish all Year 11's good luck for their future, and hope you all have something in place for September. Mayfield Students, (Year 11 only) please fill out this required form and let us know what you will do in September. Find the Form here:
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CampCambodia - July 20
build the well and the toilet for local families. They started from scratch and now they have done the digging, will start the concrete tomorrow
mayfield_school - July 19
See the photos from the Summer Performing Arts Concert 2018...
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CampCambodia - July 19
studies local language at camp after their lunch
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