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Bloomsbury Lit in Colour student scene-writing competition.

In collaboration with Pearson Edexcel and Penguin Books, we’re excited to be launching our first Bloomsbury Lit in Colour student scene-writing competition for English Literature students aged 14-19. Drawing on ideas, themes and dramatic inspiration present in the Lit in Colour Pioneers curriculum play texts - such as The Empress and Refugee Boy, we are giving students the opportunity to write their own scene for the stage around the theme of ‘belonging’.

The winning three entries will win £100's worth of Bloomsbury books for their school/class as well as a bundle of Methuen Drama plays featured in the 2023 (Incomplete) Lit in Colour Play List. All winning scenes will be made available and shared on these Bloomsbury Lit in Colour webpages and will be performed at the Lit in Colour Pioneers student day in July 2024 and at Bloomsbury’s Lit in Colour 2024 launch event later in the year.

Entry Requirements:

• Working individually or as a small group from the same school, students are encouraged to write a scene to be performed on stage (no more than 1,000 words) on the theme of “belonging”.

• The scene should be written to be performed by a maximum of 5 actors and a minimum of 1, though actors can of course play more than one role. The characters can represent any age, gender and ethnicity.

• The writer(s) can indicate the use of simple props and accessories, but otherwise the scene should be simple to perform and the drama should be in the writing.

• Students are encouraged to include stage directions as a way of vividly setting the scene and bringing the characters’ actions to life

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