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HSM (Web 22)Mayfield Sixth Form encourages all of its students to aspire to the highest levels of achievement and enables them to prepare for adult life. Our commitment is to the education of the whole individual.

We offer a broad range of qualifications and encourage each individual to choose a balanced and challenging combination of courses appropriate to their strengths, interests and ambitions. Sixth Form studies are designed to ensure exam success and help students become independent thinkers and learners – not only through their main examination courses but also through the acquisition of key skills, involvement in extra-curricular activities and a highly effective tutorial support and guidance structure.

We aim to combine a friendly and informal atmosphere with high expectations and high standards of achievement. We dedicate time and effort to ensure every student has support to access the next step on his or her journey whether that is university, an apprenticeship, or another destination.

Miss H. Sambi, Assistant Headteacher

Sixth Form Leaders

Mrs A. McCarthy

AMC Formal

Mr J. Cullenboodhoo

JCU Formal

Miss M. Lau

MLA Formal







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Independent Study Supervisors

Ms S. Grewal

SGE Formal

Mrs S. Crawford

SCW Formal

Miss T. Egbetamah



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Sixth Form Contact Form
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