Year 10

Year Group Leader

Mr C. Langdon

As a year group leader I will be there to support students in any way they need, whether this be educationally or personally. I want to see this year group grow as learners, as people, and as part of the Mayfield community.

I am committed to ensuring every student is on the best path that will secure future success for them, whatever form that may take. I want to make sure that every student in this year group excels, educationally, personally, and emotionally thus making them ready for their life after Mayfield.

I feel privileged to be a part of this year group’s family and I am looking forward to taking them through their journey to Year 11.

Assistant Year Group Leader

Miss R. Kaid

As Assistant Year Group Leader it is my goal to support and motivate our students to be the best that they can be. 

I am deeply committed to supporting all of our students throughout their education and want our students to be confident individuals who can lead safe, healthy and fulfilling lives. 

I aim to provide students at Mayfield School with support and encouragement as they embark on their journey through secondary school.

Acceptable Use of ICT Systems

Please click to view and download the Acceptable Use of ICT Systems Policy (Students)

Parental Control Apps

Read our guide on Parental Control Apps.


Year 10 Contact Form

Year 10 Contact Form
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