Year 10

Year Group Leader

A. Southgate WebsiteMr A. Southgate

As a Year Group Leader, I believe in not only the academic success of our students, but also in ensuring they are well prepared for their future as well equipped and prepared adults. Along with students achieving in their academic studies, they should also value their part within the school community and be encouraged to be life-long learners developing vital skills needed to be successful adults and lead rewarding lives.

Assistant Year Group Leader

A ramsey websiteMrs A. Ramsey

As Assistant Year Group Leader, I believe in empowering the students to succeed academically, as well as preparing them to become positive, responsible, well balanced young adults. It is very rewarding seeing the students grow from year 7’s with little or no confidence, to confident young adults who are prepared to face their futures.


Year 10 Form Tutors

10M1 Miss H. Zubair
10M2 Mr D. Schreuder
10M3 Mrs T. Byrne
10M4 Miss S. Gooden
10M5 Miss V. Eka
10M6 Miss I. Eissadi
10M7 Mr P. Edeko
10M8 Mr R. Pandya
10M9 Mr M. Nebilli
10M10 Mr A. Hayes
10M11 Mr M. Zanier
10M12 Mr H. Gashi



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