Year 8

Year Group Leader

Ssm webMs S. Smith

I believe the role of Year Group Leader is to support, guide, and inspire young people to be the best versions of themselves. We help to build confidence and independence within the school environment through various techniques both in and out of lessons. It's extremely rewarding to see our young students grow into strong, intelligent, and independent individuals. We aim to ensure all are equipped with life skills that will allow them to succeed at anything they want to do, with a little hard work.

Being a former pupil of Mayfield I have had the pleasure of being taught by some of the staff here and I can certainly say that the experience I have had has been a good one. Mayfield has supported me through my schooling and now I am a proud member of the Mayfield pastoral team.

Our focus as a year group is to build on the idea of being a community. We encourage our students to take part in activities within school and treat each other as a family. Whether they are arriving new to the school or simply transitioning from primary school we are there to help make this easier.

Assistant Year Group Leader

Mho webMrs M. Hollingsworth

I have been an Assistant Year Group Leader for over 12 years now, and no two days are ever the same. I absolutely love working with young people and find merit in providing advice they need to succeed; not only in their school life, but their life outside of school, too.

As a Year Team, Ms Smith and I encourage our students to believe in themselves and find their voices, which will enable them to grow in confidence and succeed in both their academic studies as well as their personal life.



Year 8 Form Tutors

8M1 Miss C. Boddy
8M2 Miss M. Lau
8M3 Mrs P. Harish
8M4 Mr R. Ahmed
8M5 Mr A. Uddin
8M6 Miss S. Begum
8M7 Mr L. Bennie
8M8 Mr K. Treasure
8M9 Miss C. Chand
8M10 Miss L. Salmon
8M11 Mr D. Smith
8M12 Miss L. Rajaratnam


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