Year 8

Year Group Leader

DSM webMr D. Smith

As year group leader for Year 8 I have a responsibility for progress, behaviour and student well-being. My role is to work with faculty leaders, classroom teachers, students and parents to ensure expected progress is being made by all students.

Behaviour and standards are extremely important to me and I am a big believer in getting these correct every day. From attendance and punctuality, to home learning, it is vital students follow the guidelines set out by their teachers and part of my responsibility is to ensure this is happening.

As a PE teacher I am well aware of how important physical and mental wellbeing is and students should know they can come and discuss any concerns they might have with me.

Assistant Year Group Leader

AWA (Web)Mr A. Warminger

As the Assistant Year Group Leader of Year 8, my objective is to provide our students the space and confidence to excel in any way they choose. My focus is engaging and empowering young people both inside and outside of the classroom. I make a point of listening to all of our students' thoughts, concerns, and ideas with openness and genuine interest.

I run regular extra-curricular clubs to promote health, wellbeing, sport, and the arts throughout the school. I see my role as being to champion their progress in academic and non-academic endeavours.



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Parental control App 2018.pdf 20th Mar 2018 Download
Acceptable Use of ICT Systems (Students) 04th Jun 2018 Download
Help with Show My Homework 23rd Mar 2020 Download
Year 8 Return Notice 01st Sep 2020 Download

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Year 8 Contact Form
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