Year 8

Year Group Leader
Mr M Barling
Assistant Year Group Leader
Mrs J Ferreira

Why are GCSEs in England changing?

As of August 2017, new qualifications will be awarded with number grades, rather than letters. The new grading scale runs from 9 to 1 instead of A* to G, with 9 the highest grade. Please click below for more information.

GCSEs are changing

Year 8 Form Tutors

8M1 Mr R Smith
8M2 Miss J Barling
8M3 Mr N Hawthorne
8M4 Miss K Neokleous
8M5 Miss S Yasmin
8M6 Mrs S Rahman
8M7 Miss H Kemp
8M8 Mr B Miles
8M9 Miss N Webber
8M10 Miss Y Osunsami
8M11 Miss L Tribe
8M12 Miss T Iqbal


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