Only 41% of students nationally, who are economically disadvantaged and are in receipt of Free School Meals achieve 5 A*-C grade GCSEs (including Maths and English) compared to 60% of students not in receipt of FSM. One of our main focuses at Mayfield is to ensure that this gap is significantly narrowed.


Training at Mayfield School includes assessment of students’ results and careful analysis to ensure students of all groups, particularly Free School Meal students, reach the same levels of attainment. Suitable interventions are provided in order to achieve this, up to and including public examination results.

Promoting Equal Opportunities Policy

One of our main focuses at Mayfield has always been to ensure that this gap is significantly narrowed and is evidenced by the DfE Performance Tables – Narrowing the Gap (see link below), which shows that 51% of our disadvantaged pupils achieve 5+ A*-C grade GCSE’s (or equivalent) including English & Mathematics. Our success has also been acknowledged recently by the Rt Hon David Laws MP, who wrote to Mayfield to congratulate us on ensuring that all pupils, whatever their background, are successful (see below).

Letter from David Laws

Equality Objectives for 2014-17

Reviewed: April 2015
Next Review: April 2016

  1. To raise the academic achievement of boys.
  2. To narrow the gap of achievement between pupil premium and non-pupil premium students.
  3. To monitor and review the progress of our SEN students.
  4. To develop staff and student awareness of the deprivation and cultural issues that may affect our whole school community.
  5. To ensure that all students achieve their full potential, no matter what their race, religion, sexual orientation or background.
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