Year 9

Year Group Leader

Mba webMr M. Barling

I believe being a Year Group Leader is one of the most rewarding jobs in education. The opportunity to have a positive impact on a student's outlook, on not only their education, but their wider perspective is very satisfying.

In a year group as large as ours, seeing the individuality in everyone is an important tool to have, as is knowing how to get the most out of every student every day.


Assistant Year Group Leader

Jfe webMrs J. Ferreira

My role as an Assistant Year Group Leader gives me access to be able to positively motivate and encourage our amazing students to be the best that they can be.

Mr Barling and I work on building strong, positive relationships with the students and parents making sure they understand and have the confidence that we are always available to listen and support them through any challenges they may face during their time at Mayfield.


Alumni Masterclass Sessions with Year 9

Logging in to the online GCSE Options system

Once students have registered and logged in to the Option Online system for the first time, they will then be able to access their decisions page by using the link

Students must use their school email address and the password they set up in the first instance. They can then access their own decisions page and make changes or complete their decisions.

Year 9 Form Tutors

9M1 Mr R. Smith
9M2 Miss N. Fleming
9M3 Mr N. Hawthorne
9M4 Miss K. Neokleous
9M5 Ms S. Yasmin
9M6 Mrs S. Rahman
9M7 Mr V. Soban
9M8 Mr B. Miles
9M9 Miss N. Webber
9M10 Miss Y. Osunsami
9M11 Miss L. Tribe
9M12 Miss T. Iqbal



Page Downloads Date  
Parental control App 2018.pdf 20th Mar 2018 Download
Acceptable Use of ICT Systems (Students) 04th Jun 2018 Download
Year 9 Page Documents Date  
Year 9 Decisions Booklet 2020 13th Jan 2020 Download
Year 9 Decisions Foundation Booklet 2020 19th Dec 2019 Download
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