Year 7

Year Group Leader

Mba webMr M. Barling

I believe being a Year Group Leader is one of the most rewarding jobs in education. The opportunity to have a positive impact on a student's outlook, on not only their education, but their wider perspective is very satisfying. In a year group as large as ours, seeing the individuality in everyone is an important tool to have, as is knowing how to get the most out of every student every day.


Assistant Year Group Leader

KLO (web)Mr K. Londeno

My Role as an Assistant Year Group Leader has been rewarding beyond belief. As we continue this journey I am privileged to be the one walking alongside the year group, guiding them on their path. We as a team strive to be better today than we were yesterday and I'm proud to share that message with our year group.


Curriculum for Year 7

Attendance Line


020 8215 7771

If your child is absent from school, you must leave a message on the Attendance Line before 08:45 each morning.

Acceptable Use of ICT Systems

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