Year 7

Year Group Leader

Mr D. Dickson

As Year Group Leader, my role is to support every child to make progress both academically and socially. Our aim is to equip all of our students with the knowledge and skills they will need to be successful both during their education and in their lives ahead.

The world in which our students are growing up is changing rapidly. We support our students to build the resilience and self-confidence they need in order to be successful. We want students to develop a positive worldview and to know how they can use their talents and abilities to make a positive contribution to the world around them.

Every child is different and part of my role is to help each student to find his or her strengths and be the best that they can be.

Assistant Year Group Leader

AWA (Web)Mr A. Warminger

As the Assistant Year Group Leader of Year 7, my objective is to provide our students the space and confidence to excel in any way they choose. My focus is engaging and empowering young people both inside and outside of the classroom. I make a point of listening to all of our students' thoughts, concerns, and ideas with openness and genuine interest.

I run regular extra-curricular clubs to promote health, wellbeing, sport, and the arts throughout the school. I see my role as being to champion their progress in academic and non-academic endeavours.

Curriculum for Year 7

Year 7 Form Tutors

7M1 Mr B. Mounter
7M2 Miss S. Sullivan
7M3 Mr D. Celaire
7M4 Miss N. Mohammad
7M5 Mr O. Day
7M6 Mrs S. Ahmed
7M7 Miss J. Sandy
7M8 Miss N. Adje-Asmoah
7M9 Mrs R. Fox
7M10 Mrs K. Bhatia

Attendance Line


020 8215 7771

If your child is absent from school, you must leave a message on the Attendance Line before 08:45 each morning.


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Parental control App 2018.pdf 20th Mar 2018 Download
Acceptable Use of ICT Systems (Students) 04th Jun 2018 Download
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PowerPoint - Year 7 Information Evening 2019 18th Sep 2019 Download
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