Talk from Founder of Jellyfish Pictures

Posted on: 08/05/2024

On Wednesday 8th May 2024, Philip Dobree, founder of Jellyfish Pictures, delivered an enrichment session to talk about the Media industry and shine a light on the opportunities that technology can bring. Dobree was joined by his colleague, Sully Abdi, who is a Production Coordinator, and they both engaged with our students after the workshop to share some of their experiences and advice.

The idea of this session was to introduce young people to the varied roles and careers they may not have considered or even knew existed.

"Founded in 2001, Jellyfish Pictures is a global BAFTA, Emmy and Annie award winning Animation and Visual Effects (VFX) studio working with clients that include Disney, Netflix, DreamWorks, HBO, Sky, the BBC and Amazon.

Our teams work in an inclusive, talent-focussed, collaborative culture where our hybrid set-up allows our visionary artists to work on projects safely, securely and with optimum productivity from all over the world. The company has undergone rapid growth recently, expanding into India and hiring 400+ new artists in 2023 alone."
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