Woodzy and our Wellbeing Week

Posted on: 12/02/2024

Children's Mental Health Week took place from 5th-11th February 2024. Mayfield School had multiple events occurring throughout the week, including the opening of ‘Wellbeing Wednesdays’ after school club and viewings of Disney’s Inside Out at lunchtime.

In support of Children’s Mental Health Week, Some of our Year 8 classes, who are currently learning about poetry in their English lessons, participated in a spoken word workshop with award-winning spoken word poet, Woodzy. Former Brit school student and winner of UK unsigned spoken word 2019, he has opened for Stormzy and performed in front of thousands of people at the Wembley Arena. The theme of this year’s Children’s Mental Health Week was ‘My Voice Matters’, the workshop allowed students to work in groups and creatively express themselves. 

Selected students attended a lunchtime poetry workshop to encourage 'freewriting' and learn more about working in the creative industry. Below are some poems written and performed by our students.


What can I do more in 2024?


Will I be poor or will I do more,

Will I make it off the floor,

Is it too late for us to settle the score,

'24s my people do tours,

But I don’t know

- is it my time or is it yours?,

The elders said it’s easy,

Like counting 1, 2, 3, 4,

So I guess now it’s time for us

To kick down

Some doors.


– Jeremiah (10M7) & Shafiio (11M3)


Being Creative


Creativity can bring dreams to life 

Creativity can express emotions

Through this takes years of 5 minutes

Creativity is worth all the time

It can taste sweet & taste like lime

Everyone has their own creativity

Like this one is mine.


– Navya (9M4)


I have nothing, I have everything, 

Nothing new, everything new, I haven’t changed 

- oh but I have, 

A career or no career, school or home,

Brother or cousins, no 

Nothing’s new but

Everything is new - what do I do,

One room to share, I wish I had my own but I don’t,

Friends - or are they?

I don’t know anymore, dad, oh dad,

Which one do I choose? 


– (Anonymous)




Get Directions