Charity Movie Night - Save the Children

Posted on: 18/12/2023

Charity Movie Night in the Library - Save the Children

This festive season, in line with the Library display's theme “Stories that Matter: inspiring books for a heart-warming season”, our lovely Library Ambassadors have organised a Movie Night fundraiser in the Library, to support the charity Save the Children. The event took place on Thursday 14th at 3:15 in the Library, and all attendants had a good laugh with Gangsta Granny Strikes Again, by David Walliams.

Thank you all, students and staff, for supporting this good cause. Thank you, Mizrab in Year 12, for helping out during the event. A special shout out to Hayrah and Sarah in Year 13 for their hard work, independence and endless enthusiasm in everything you do in the Library.

Ana Ferreira





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