Pupil Librarians and Library Ambassadors

Posted on: 28/11/2023

We are delighted to introduce our lovely Pupil Librarians and Library Ambassadors. Pupils have enthusiastically applied to become Librarians, by submitting the designated form, which included an acrostic poem on the importance of the school Library. Their creative, thoughtful and beautifully presented works are currently on display in the Library (photo below). You will often see them at lunch break and/or after school sorting and shelving books, preparing new displays and decorations, and adding a ray of light to the Library. Furthermore, our Library Ambassadors will also help organise events, talks, assemblies, author visits, and support the Library and KS3 pupils in allocated duty.

Thank you all for your inspiring enthusiasm and for brightening up our Mayfield school Library!

Being a Library ambassador has many perks and one of them is joining the library to support the community as well as develop and strengthen my skills by gaining some knowledge and experiences. With our team of library ambassadors and librarian staff, we welcome everyone to come and visit the library. Also, with new projects and creative ideas we open the gate of learning and new opportunities, that will be great fun. My experience as a Library ambassador has been amazing and eye opening, as we get to see behind the scenes of the hard work and effort of staff.

Hayrah, 13M2, Library Ambassador

To be a library ambassador, it’s one of the best things in the world. Whenever I’m in the library, you can’t help but smile. It helps me to relax and keep my mind calm. Whenever I help out in the library the librarians always make me laugh and help me cheer up even on my worst days. The library helps me to gain experience and give plenty of support as if it’s like a therapy session. Whenever I’m in the library it’s like entering a separate world, one that’s completely different from just studying all day. As a library ambassador to help other students dive into their own world when reading whilst helping with events or even during lessons it makes my day and helps to improve my confidence and leadership skills. This is my way to thank all the library staff, you guys have been so kind and supportive of me, and I couldn’t be more thankful for them. 

Sarah, 13M5, Library Ambassador


Pupil Librarians:

  • Kyreth K., 7M1
  • Hifza A., 7M1
  • Sumaiya U., 7M3
  • Ibrahim I., 7M3
  • Muhammad H., 7M6
  • Syed A., 7M8
  • Gurdeep K., 7M8
  • Taalia C., 7M8
  • Mokshita D., 7M9
  • Mazedah A., 7M9
  • Bobbie P., 7M9
  • Areebah S., 8M2
  • Kanishka S., 8M2
  • Nicoleta B., 8M3
  • Michael G., 8M4
  • Huda A., 8M5
  • Tegan P., 9M9
  • Leila A., 9M5
  • Afsheen A., 9M6
  • Samet K., 9M6
  • Nadirah A., 9M5
  • Fahad K., 9M3
  • Yanissa B., 10M9
  • Hafeeza N., 10M9
  • Ramin G., 10M8
  • Luis T., 10M8


Library Ambassadors:

  • Hayrah N., 13M2
  • Sarah L., 13M5
  • Lara M., 13M3
  • Sharanjeet S., 12M5
  • Mizrab A., 12M8




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