National Careers Week 2023

Posted on: 07/03/2023

As part of the National Careers Week both (6th - 10th March) Year 9 & 11 students were given the opportunity to speak to a range of Universities, including Russell Group Universities, Further Education Colleges, and Apprenticeship Providers.

The hall was brimming with excitement! The students found this an invaluable experience as part of their Career Journey.

DDROur Year 9 students were fortunate to meet and converse with Mayfield School' Facilities Manager, Mr D. Drewe (pictured left). He spoke about his own Career journey from being in the Armed Forces to his current role in the School.

Mr Drewe left the Year 9’s with three powerful pointers:

  1. Don’t be afraid of failing
  2. Learn from your mistakes
  3. Life is not easy; the greatest rewards come from the things you’ve worked hardest to achieve

London Spring Fair

Our Year 12 students were very fortunate to visit the UK University & Apprenticeship Fair on the 3rd March 2023. This event featured a vast array of exhibiting universities from Russell Group, redbrick and modern institutions, as well apprenticeship providers and colleges. The fair provided students with all of the guidance they need, from choosing the right University/Higher Education course, to gaining an overview of the range of academic and career pathways they can pursue.




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