Student's work with MP

Posted on: 10/05/2022

Since December 2021, Year 10 student Muhammad Amen E. has been working actively on a project for the Local Member of Parliament, Sam Tarry MP. Muhammad Amen has been building up a database of local businesses for Tarry's marketing campaign for elections and other sporadic activity.

This work involved collaborating with offices’ secretaries, and actively communicating with them. In early March of 2022, Muhammad Amen met with them to discuss how this project is going and was obliged to receive an offer to buy a software product developed in the process. The software, which Muhammad developed bespoke to this constituency’s needs, was agreed to be sold to them.

Furthermore, Muhammad Amen has labelled himself to the office as a candidate for Youth Officer for the Chadwell ward.

The MP’s office now looks to nominate Muhammad Amen at this years Annual General Meeting (AGM). If successful (availing enough votes of the local constituents), Muhammad will take up the role of Youth Officer of the Chadwell Branch of the Labour Party. Also, for the benefit of our school’s podcast venture, MP Sam Tarry agreed to us conducting an interview in Parliament with him, in order to answer questions from students and staff around the school, as well as offering to give us a seat in Prime Ministers Questions to attend and watch. This is something that is truly once in a lifetime, as it is extremely hard to get tickets to watch.

This interview, although planned for 20th April has now been postponed due to local elections acting as a roadblock. However, Muhammad is actively working with the MP’s office to get another date soon after the election to take himself and Mr Cullen to visit.

Alongside all of this, Muhammad Amen had attended canvassing campaigns, which included going door-to-door asking people questions about their area and listening to their concerns and passing these on to the Local MP and subsequently the Council.




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