Media Students' Q&A with 'Short Film' Directors

Posted on: 30/03/2022

On Friday the 25th March, the Year 12 Level 3 Media BTEC class took part in an online Q&A with the directors of the Short Film ‘BABA’. Not only did the students get to ask questions to the directors about the production side, but they also acquired some useful tips on how they too can get themselves into the film industry, with the two young directors sharing how they managed to begin their careers. 

Miss Sarkis and the class found it both enjoyable and illuminating. Alex E. enjoyed the experience and said, "They taught us lots about film production – how products are filmed and the many steps involved in producing a complete Short Film". Shobto O. was equally impressed and was happy that, "They helped us a lot with understanding the Media Industry and the ways you can get into it".




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