Oxford University Trip

Posted on: 24/02/2022

Thirty high achieving Mayfield pupils were selected from Year 9 and Year 12 to take part in a taster day at Wadham College at the University of Oxford. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day and we received excellent feedback from our host, Dr Hugh Munro, who said that "the Mayfield pupils asked really good questions, were really engaged in the activities and were thoughtful in their contributions to discussions." We are very proud of the pupils who did an excellent job of representing Mayfield School.

The Year 12s took part in a debate on 'Structure and Agency', discussing the capacity of individuals to act independently and to make their own free choices. They learned about personal statements, enjoyed a Chemistry academic taster session, and tried answering an example interview question for Medicine.

The Year 9s took part in a chemistry challenge called 'The Poison Puzzle' where they had to use teamwork, problem solving, and communication skills to resolve a series of clues and solve the mystery! They also visited the Oxford University Natural History Museum where they held an elephant's tooth, learned about taxidermy, and saw a barn owl up close. Some of the pupils were brave enough to handle the live cockroaches!

Overall, it was an inspiring day and the pupils came away with a better understanding of university, how to pick a course they like and where it could lead in the future.




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