Redbridge Sportshall Athletics - Year 8

Posted on: 15/01/2020

On Tuesday 14th January 2020 Mayfield School hosted another Sportshall Athletics event, in which a number of Year 8 students from all across Redbridge took part.

There were two main categories for this sporting event; Track and Field.

As well as competing, Mayfield School's Sports Leaders took part in umpiring and helping to set up the equipment.


Year 8 Boys

  1. The Palmers Academy (270 points)
  2. Kantor King Solomon (266 points)
  3. Oaks Park (254 points)

Mayfield finished in 6th position with 208 points

Year 8 Girls

  1. Kantor King Solomon(296 points)
  2. Woodford County High (292 points)
  3. Beal High (272 points)

Mayfield finished in 8th position with 172 points

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