Holocaust Survivor, Susie Barnett, shares her story

Posted on: 03/12/2019

On Tuesday 3rd December 2019, a holocaust survivor named Susie Barnett shared her life experiences with us at Mayfield.

Susie is from the Holocaust Educational Trust and her story is extraordinary. She was born in Hamburg, Germany and was the youngest of four children. Her father was imprisoned in a concentration camp and her three siblings (one brother and two sisters) were taken separately to England on kinder-transport. Susie stayed with her mother in Nazi Germany, until they managed to travel to London and seek refuge.

Although Susie's immediate family survived the Holocaust, they never actually lived their lives as a family unit. Instead Susie spent most of her childhood in different Foster Homes and hostels. 

Susie became a teacher and then had a family of her own and has since professed to understand what happiness really is.

We were all very grateful to have Susie at Mayfield talking about her experience in Nazi-Germany. It was a real eye-opener and very touching.

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