First Give

Posted on: 19/05/2017


Students at Mayfield have been taking part in a programme in collaboration with First Give. The Programme has seen students in Year 8 independently researching charities in the local area, visiting these charities to learn about the work they do and producing presentations about them. It has been a great opportunity for students to showcase their passion for particular social issues, bring about social change and above all showcase their presentation skills in front of parents, staff and judges who were there to encourage and support them. There were approximately 50 students involved in the final, and I would like to congratulate the groups who managed to reach the finals due to their sheer hard work and dedication to their causes. Mrs Bhatia.

Please see images from the event below.

A special thank you to Mrs A Greenwood and Mrs L Campbell for being Judges. It was great to see Mr Andy Rehling and David Backhouse so amused and having a very entertaining evening. Also, thanks to the R.E team – Mr Marsham, Miss Bailie-Mace, Miss Torres and Mr Ghuman – for all of their hard work, and thanks to Miss Sambi and the sixth formers for their support, as well as Staff who took the time out to just be there.

Thanks once again.

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