three-day residential trip - Juniper Hall

Posted on: 07/10/2019

Over the last two weeks, our Year 11 GCSE Geography students took part in a three-day residential trip to Juniper Hall in Dorking, Surrey, as part of fieldwork for their Paper 3 exam.

The students completed a human investigation in the village of Brockham. The students investigated change in a rural environment by completing environmental quality checks and questionnaires.

The physical investigation had the students visit three sites of the River Tillingbourne, where they investigated the changes to the characteristics of the river by measuring three variables: width, depth and velocity.

Students processed and presented their data using a range of geographical skills to understand the data within the context of the study location and global setting. They then drew evidenced conclusions and deepened their understanding of the physical and human landscape. 

The field trip was an excellent opportunity to spend the time honing students' geographical skills, studying the interaction between human and physical geography to best prepare students for their exam in June.


Special thanks to Mr S. Cooper, Ms N. Ashwell, Ms N. Fleming, Mr G. Ferrar, Ms B. Leary and Ms V. Eka for their support during the trips.

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