Havering Science and Engineering Challenge

Posted on: 05/07/2019

On Thursday 4th July 2019, a group of Mayfield's HAPs visited Havering Sixth Form College to take part in a Science and Engineering Challenge.

The students were working with six other schools in the challenge, and even though Mayfield did not win overall, we did win 1st in both the Robotics Challenge and the Vehicle Challenge, as well as 2nd on the E-FIT Challenge.

The Robotics Challenge: Each Team is provided with the latest Lego Mindstorm EV3 robot, which they programme in order to navigate around a course. Each robot is equipped with ultrasonic and infrared sensors.

The Vehicle Challenge: Each team designs and constructs a simple battery powered vehicle from kit pieces, considering power transmission, speed and torque. Each team's vehicle is timed between starting and finishing lines.

The E-FIT Challenge: Having witnessed a simulated crime, each team uses the latest E_FIT 6 facial recognition software (as used by 90% of UK police forces) to create a computer image of the thief. They also consider problems associated with memory and facial recognition.

What are the Science & Technology Days for?

They raise enthusiasm for STEM subjects and encourage young people to consider studying them further. In 2018, MCS Projects Ltd. organised 30 Challenge Days across the UK, involving 198 schools.

What happens?

12 Gifted and Talented Year 8/9s are invited to participate from each school. Working together in mixed school teams of four, they undertake practical activities that increase their awareness of the application of Science.

Each activity lasts 75 minutes and is designed to develop workshop skills such as planning and team work. Challenge Days are held on the campus of a local college or university. The local Mayor or Deputy Lieutenant is invited to present awards to members of each winning team.

How are they rated?

Evaluations of last year's events indicated that:

96% of the teachers and 86% of the young people considered their Challenge Day to have been 'good' or 'very good'.

The overall winning teams from each Challenge Day progress to one of our regional Finals. In 2018, the Finals were hosted by the Universities of MAnchester, Sheffield and Queen Mary's Universty of London.

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