Girls' Hockey - May 2019

Posted on: 27/06/2019

On Friday 24th May 2019, a select year 7 Girls' Hockey team from Mayfield went to the Olympic Hockey Centre at the Queen Elizabeth Park, Stratford, London. The event, which was staged by England Hockey was for teams that were new to the game and aspiring talent for the future.

Mayfield were very much thrown into the deep end, having never picked up a Hockey stick or having played the game previously.

In the mini tournament they played against girls a lot older than their young years, and of course a lot more experienced.

The Mayfield team impressed the organisers so much with the progress they made, and their enthusiasm throughout the games, that the team/school were awarded a brand new Hockey kit bag complete with new sticks, balls, and markers.

Perhaps we might see Hockey as a feature in next year’s P.E programme...?

Jolly Hockey sticks all round!

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