Raising Money for Charity - Comic Relief & Mental Health for Kids

Posted on: 22/03/2019

Over the past few weeks Raul and Hassan, two of our Year 7 students, have been raising money for two Charities in the UK.

"It was awesome to help children around the world that have mental illnesses, we are proud of the result."

A total of over £120.00 was raised for Children's Mental Health Awareness, and over £57.00 for Comic Relief.

On Friday, 22nd March 2019, Raul and Hassan held a raffle for Comic Relief, which saw the winner receive a £20.00 Vue Cinema voucher. The winner was picked at random by our Co-Headteachers, Ms A. Greenwood & Ms L. Campbell, and turned out to be Hassan himself - what are the odds?

The total amount raised for Comic Relief was £57.50, and Hassan has stated, "I can't believe I've won! My sister said it would never happen! Let's Go!"

A very excited Hassan cannot wait to go to the Cinema and use his voucher.

Raul said, "it was an incredible experience to be trusted and allowed to try and help raise money. We feel proud to know we are helping children across the world!"

Well done to everyone who participated and donated.

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