British Film Institute, London Southbank

Posted on: 06/02/2019

The week commencing 28th January 2019 saw a group of AS and A-Level Media Studies students visited the BFI (British Film Institute) on London’s Southbank for a study day focusing on critical theory.

The group arrived at the BFI where they collected their study packs containing notes and activities for the day before going into the screening room which doubled as a classroom.

Leading the study day was an experienced Media Studies teacher and the programme was split into three sessions covering Gender Theory, Semiotics, and Postmodernism.

The purpose of the day was for the students to be able to gain confidence in applying theories and analysing media products from different theoretical perspectives. During the sessions the students were given a lot to think about and even though the ideas were challenging they were presented in an accessible way.

The students now have a lot to take back to their classrooms where they will be able to apply what they have learned.

Thank you to Miss M. Ahmed for organising the trip.

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