Danbury 2018

Posted on: 17/07/2018

From 11th July to the 13th, 14 groups of Year 8 students went to Danbury, an outdoor activity centre in Chelmsford Essex. These three days were filled with fun, action-packed activities. Many of these activities were challenging and helped students overcome their fears as well as collectively work together and support one another.

Students camped for two nights and all participated in day-to-day chores, such as helping serve meals, washing the dishes, and cleaning the camp.

Over the course of the Trip students from each Group were selected as being the Person of the Day. Students were awarded this title as a result of either conquering their fears, being supportive of their peers, or for being polite and helpful over the course of the day(s). A list of some of these students can be found below.

Person of the Day (in no particular order):


Reyan, Yanis, and Lara from Group 4. All did exceptionally well.

Katalina, Tafazali, and Dylan from Group 5. These three were very sensible yet eagerly adventurous, and they all supported their fellow team members very well.

Julia, Tariq, and Nassardin from Group 7 were all very polite and gave their very best.

Group 10 - Ayush, Oriana, and Imtiaz. All three put 100% into every activity and they were very supportive of their group members, especially when they were afraid of tasks. They were also generally polite and helpful in the dinner hall.


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