Sports Day 2018

Posted on: 04/07/2018

Friday 29th June 2018 was Mayfield School's annual Sports Day.

It was a fantastic day filled with competitive personas, great music, and lots of peer support.

Mr Porter and the Mayfield Steel Pan band played excellent Caribbean inspired music throughout; very appropriate to the weather conditions and celebratory atmosphere.

The day was made up of three stages. The first two being Track Events for Years 8 and 10, and then Years 9 and 11. The final stage was the Field Events, in which a number of students from all years competed.

The results were outstanding with many students achieving better than they thought they could.

The overall winners were 8M4, 9M2, 10M3, and 11M1; receiving a grand total of 122, 129, 127, and 130 points, respectively.

Mayfield School would like to congratulate everyone for their great efforts this year, as well as the extrememely high level of support showed to fellow peers.

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