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Our Ethos

N. Webber (Web)Mayfield School's Drama faculty focus on a multitude of skills. Not only do we want students to develop as performers but as young individuals. They are given the opportunities to improve on social skills, communication, team-work, time management and focus/concentration. Drama will help students develop confidence that will be of great benefit in not only other subject areas but also within the outside community. We want our students to commit and give 100% each lesson.

Skills gained in Drama can help students later in life. The confidence they gain as performers and Drama students can help them when taking part in presentations and interviews.

Miss N. Webber

A Level Drama Reel

Teacher-Student Relationship

Drama is a subject with a very practical approach, including written based lessons.

Students are reminded of their targets and how to give their best in each lesson to help them succeed. There are also after school support sessions and rehearsals for GCSE Drama to help them achieve the best grade they can.

Home Learning

Home learning is often practical based for Key Stage 3 Drama students. However, there are written pieces of home learning, which allows teachers to assess where pupils may need some extra support.

GCSE students will have a mixture of practical and written home learning. It is extremely important that home learning is completed as it supports the work students do in lessons.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Each year Mayfield School take part in the Shakespeare Schools Festival. This is a performance that takes place in a theatre. This year students performed Hamlet at  the Barking Broadway Theatre. To take part, students audition for parts they would like to play.

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