Modern Foreign Languages

Faculty Leader Miss S. Gooden
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Our Ethos

The Modern Foreign Languages Faculty is dedicated to developing a conceptual understanding of other languages and an appreciation for different cultures.  The main languages taught are French and Spanish, however, as a diverse community our students have been successful in gaining GCSE and A level qualifications in Italian, Portuguese, Turkish and Urdu, amongst others.

Pupils develop their skills across the following areas:

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Translation work

The focus for years 7, 8 and 9 is on foundational skills and years 10 and 11 prepare students for the GCSE examinations.  We also have a contingent of A Level students for French and Spanish; a facilitating subject for university courses.

Mayfield's MFL faculty believe that the study of languages enhances pupils’ prospects and broadens their cultural horizons. Knowledge of a foreign language, or how to learn another language, is truly beneficial and provides children with a range of transferable skills that they use across the curriculum.

Teacher-Student Relationship

All pupils in years 7 and 8 learn both French and Spanish across a range of topics. In year 9 most students continue with French and Spanish, however, some pupils focus solely on French if the study of two languages proves difficult.  

The teaching of languages in Mayfield School is based around courses. Teaching French for years 7-9 is based around the course named Studio.

For Spanish we have invested in two new courses; Zoom Español for years 7-9, and Viva for students in years 10 and 11.

In year 9, students make their choices for their GCSE subjects. Those who choose a language will study the new specification for French and Spanish (9-1) and are prepared for linear examinations.

Students are taught in sets in order to work at a pace that best suits their abilities. For examination classes there are regular catch-up and revision sessions. Pupils at Mayfield School have maintained commendable results in their public examinations.

Home Learning

Home learning is set to consolidate the learning that has taken place in the classroom for all year groups.  In years 10 and 11, and for A level courses, students are encouraged to carry out independent research tasks at home. A level students of French can also make use of PiXL resources.

Teachers highlight corrections that need urgent action to reinforce grammar, spelling and accuracy. Therefore students must spend time reviewing teacher comments and feedback.  We also expect pupils to respond positively to, and act upon all feedback as a part of developing their understanding of MFL concepts. We also encourage pupils to order their content and ideas when writing longer passages in the Target Language.

Extra-Curricular Activites

Revision sessions are available for students after school. Mayfield has an annual subscription with the Linguascope website and MFL teachers use Show My Homework to upload resources for students to work with at home.

Subject Documents  
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