Modern Foreign Languages

Faculty Leader Ms S. O'Brien

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At Mayfield we are passionate about language teaching and the transferable skills this study offers our students to enhance their future life choices and understanding of the world. Through our language lessons and extra-curricular activities, we teach students about cultural understanding and broaden their horizons. Learning a language helps to develop a huge range of skills such as communication, problem solving, building memory, listening skills and the discipline of applying oneself to learning a skill that requires dedication and resilience. 

Students have a choice of French and Spanish, they study one language from year 7 to year 9 and can choose to continue their studies to gain a GCSE and an A Level qualification in French or Spanish.

As we are part of a diverse community with many of our students speaking a range of different languages, we recognise that many students will have knowledge of a language other than English already. If students are able to speak, read, write and understand another language then we are happy to facilitate them sitting a GCSE exam in this language, where available. We do not offer lesson time in the timetable for preparation towards these exams, but students can often gain a high grade by preparing for the exam outside of school and sitting these exams in Year 9, 10 or 11.

Ms S. O'Brien

Teacher-Student Relationship

At Mayfield before starting in Year 7 pupils choose to study French or Spanish. In year 8 and year 9 pupils will continue with their chosen language. In year 9 pupils will choose whether to continue with the GCSE in their chosen language for year 10 and year 11.

Key Stage 3 pupils study French using the Studio and Dynamo textbooks. They study Spanish using the Viva textbooks. Pupils study topics such as About me, free time activities, school and holidays.

Key Stage 4 pupils study for the Pearson Edexcel GCSE qualification. For more information see the Year 10 and Year 11 MFL pages.

At Key Stage 5 we offer French and Spanish A Levels.

Home Learning

Home Learning is a vital part of the language learning process. Practising, memorising and reinforcing knowledge learned in class will help with long term memory. Learning the topic vocabulary each term will help pupils to access the work in class. All homework is set on Satchel One.

We use Quizlet to learn and memorise vocabulary. Pupils should spend 10 minutes three times a week on their vocabulary. Teachers share the link to the vocabulary list online.

Vocabulary Lists

Vocabulary lists can be found on the French and Spanish year group pages.

Active Learn

We use the ActiveLearn platform to practise reading, listening, grammar and vocabulary. The exercises correspond to each topic we study from the textbook.

Extra-Curricular Activites

Explore the MFL year group pages to find out about online extra-curricular activities. There are many free online resources to improve language skills. YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime and social media provide a range of films and tips to practise.

Why not try looking up a French or Spanish recipe and make it at home with your family? Reading children’s stories in another language can help beginners to develop their skills.

Due to Coronavirus a number of extra-curricular activities are suspended but when we return to some normality we will provide opportunities such as speaking club, film club and trips abroad.

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