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Our Ethos

As a faculty we strive to enable all of our students to understand what it means to be successful in our subject areas and how such knowledge can impact our lives in a positive way. We believe that our subjects allow students to acquire an important sense of belonging within society as well as building their own individual identity.

Subjects within the Social Sciences faculty will help uncover pathways leading to careers in Law, Journalism, the Police force, Business and Teaching.

Teacher-Student Relationship

Our Social Sciences faculty is extremely cohesive, friendly and mutually supportive. The department works within a framework of overall school policies, with their focus on teaching and learning, and the effective use of assessment for learning. The department also contributes to the school’s academic tracking system, as well as using its own mechanisms to monitor student progress.

The subjects that form the Social Sciences are highly regarded and are a popular choice at GCSE (Sociology) and A Level. While our classes are of mixed ability, we work carefully to ensure that each lesson caters to each student's needs.

Home Learning

As many of the subjects within the Social Sciences faculty are A-level subjects, home learning is imperative for our student’s success. Students are given associated reading for every lesson, which should be read prior to the lesson.

This allows teachers to use the lesson effectively, as they are able to spend valuable time honing in on the content students are struggling with, as well as developing the students' skills in using the content they have already learnt.

Extra-Curricular Activities

The Social Sciences faculty believe that Extra-Curricular activity is fundamental in achieving ones full potential. This is why we offer a range of revision and intervention sessions, ranging from weekly sessions to half-term holiday booster sessions.

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