Welcome from the Co-Headteachers

Welcome to Mayfield School and to our website. As Co-Headteachers, we are totally committed to working together to continue to develop the ethos and values of Mayfield School.

Learning is central to everything that we do and we strive to ensure that every child receives the support, challenge and guidance they need to reach their full potential.

At Mayfield, we have a commitment to the education of the whole child: maximising student academic outcomes and the progress they make, as well as equipping all students with the skills, knowledge and competencies both in and out of the classroom that will help them succeed in their future. The aspirations of our students is important to us and we establish routines and expectations for every student to achieve these within a safe environment.

Our strength is in our community and together we will ensure your child will be given every opportunity to be the best that they can be.


Allison Greenwood & Lynn Campbell,



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Good luck to everyone receiving their today. Please remember, only Year 13 students should be on site today.
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We do have a few new buildings now :) I hope you're keeping well, Matt.
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Thank you, Mike. I hope you're keeping well.
mayfield_school - May 14
Thank you for your kind words, Jas. I hope you and your family are keeping well.
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Jas Athwal - May 14
Great stuff, this is my school, spent 7 years of my life here. Great spirit and ethos.
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Have you seen our lockdown video to pupils? Please help this reach the wider community.
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Please share the video we made for our pupils and the wider community.
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have you seen the video we made for our pupils over lockdown? Please share to show our community how much we care.
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