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Facebook is a global social network platform. Facebook was founded in 2004 as a means for college students to connect with one another, and has since grown in popularity with over a billion users of all age ranges.

Staying Safe on Facebook

We would advise anyone using Facebook to ensure their Profile is set to Private, especially young teenagers. When a profile is private it can only be viewed in more depth when the user accepts a friend request.

A private profile will show a profile picture, a cover photo and, if you choose, some basic information; such as hometown, education and/or workplace.

If a profile is public, anyone with a Facebook account will be able to view a users photos, videos, status updates and in depth information.

Further Information

For more safety advice please visit the Facebook website.

We would also advise visiting the Safer Internet website, which has guides and useful information regarding safety on a range of Social Media Apps.

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