Summer School 2021

Mayfield School's Year 7 Summer School was a great success. The aim of the Summer School was to support students and parents in the transition process making their official start in September easier and less stressful.

We offered places on the Summer School to all 300 students and were delighted that 151 parents signed their child up. The Summer School included assemblies, lessons, fun activities, and a hot lunch each day.

Lessons and activities included:

  • Horror Story Writing Competition and Desert Island Plane Crash from our English Department
  • Barometer making
  • Designing an island and woodland creatures from Science
  • Music Technology
  • Trestle masks from Drama,
  • Planning a business from Economics
  • Sporting activities, including Basketball and Trampolining, as well as assemblies covering being a hero, the Olympics and staying safe in the Summer.

We would like to thank the DfE for funding the summer school by kindly giving us an allocation of £30,718.92. This covered our costs including staffing, lunch for students and specialist materials such as headphones, trestle masks, decorations to turn a classroom into a dessert island, a free reading book for every student who attended, and much, much more.

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