Language 2


  • Revision videos (showing you how to annotate, how to answer questions, going through strong responses etc). General link here

  • Revision videos for AQA Nov 2017 exam- link here 

  • Revision video for a sample paper 2- link here 

  • Practice exam papers for Lang paper 2. Link here

  • Exemplar responses (top model answers). Link here

Video Recordings

We know that there are lots of revision videos out there already, but we’ve created some that are in line with the approaches we teach here at Mayfield. Follow the link here to access revision videos for Language Paper 2.

Videos going through student responses

  • Click here to watch video of a walkthrough of Questions 2, 3 and 4

Past Papers

Access past language paper 2 papers here.

Useful Links

Teachers Talking Texts podcast: link here.

GCSE English Revision podcast: link here.

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