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At Mayfield School we believe that students can be the BEST that they can be and so we use this to run through all that we do.

We believe that students have an absolute right to achievement and excitement in their education, and also that it is a fundamental part of a school’s role to give students and families a real voice in their school.  We listen carefully to what students have to say and we are always looking for ways in which we can involve families more in their children’s school experience.

We look to develop confident young people who are well equipped to take their place in the world and who are excited by the prospects of the future.  We are good and improving school and a school where you can be confident that your child will be supported, encouraged and given every opportunity to make the very best of themselves.

Exam Revision

I would like to inform parents that there are many useful suggestions for students in preparation for their external exams in the following guide

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Andy Rehling, Headteacher

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