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The last two Thursdays at Mayfield have been busy and more than a little emotional as students collected their A level and GCSE results and started out on the next leg of their educational journey into sixth form, off to university or starting an apprenticeship.  I am delighted with our results and very proud of the students who achieved them and the staff who worked so hard alongside them.

GCSE Results

Excellent A* – C passes and a record number of GCSEs passed at A*/A!

There are very many individual success stories but the following students will give a flavour of what has been achieved:

Karambir Matharu    11A*

Emma Qerkezi    11A*

Luul Hassan    8A*, 2A, 1B

Reema Khanom    8A*, 2A, 1B

Vineet Atwal    7A*, 3A

Roshan Patel    7A*, 2A, 2B

Pirathini Mohan    6A*, 4A, 1B

Naveen Dha    6A*, 3A

Arjun Sohal    4A*, 6A

Hassan Ayoub    3A*, 5A

Habeebah Isa    2A*, 8A

Sharan Atwal    2A*, 6A, 2B

Kayuree Shah    2A*, 6A, 1B

Anisa Choudhury    1A*, 7A, 1B

Noormah Rizvi    1A*, 7A, 2B

Saffron Evans    10A


National figures for 16 year olds (where known) in brackets – these figures include all types of school

Some figures are not yet available for this year so may refer to last year.

  • 68.3% of all the GCSEs taken were passed at A*-C (69.5%)
  • 19.8% (nearly one in 5) passes were at the very highest grades A*/A  (21.7%)

Headline outcomes using the new measures

These are what will appear in the DfE Performance Tables from now on:

  • 57.8% of students achieved A*-C in both English and maths
  • 26.8% of students achieved A*-C in all five EBacc subjects

The other two measures are Attainment 8 which represents the average of the best 8 grades achieved by every student and Progress 8 which measures how far every student has progressed since starting secondary school and compares it to national expectation.  Progress 8 is still being calculated nationally and as soon as we have an accurate figure we will be reporting it.  Our Attainment 8 grade is a high C.

A level and BTEC

We offer a wide range of courses in our sixth form so that as many students as possible who join the school have a progression route within Mayfield.  We take great care to ensure that students start courses that are best suited to their aspirations and talents.  As a result, our students’ progression rate is 85.9%, which is well within the top 20% of all institutions nationally.

The most important standard by which to judge any academic institution is the progress that students make whilst there, which is why one of the statistics that we are most proud of is that in excess of 66% of our students made better than expected progress given their starting point, as judged by a national body (ALPS).  This places Mayfield firmly in the top 25% of all institutions nationally for the progress that students make.

Our joint A’ level/BTEC results were:

  • 23% of all passes were at A*/A or Distinction*
  • 37%     A*-B
  • 72%     A*-C
  • 97.2% A*-E

As has been the case for many years now, all of those who applied to go to university have been successful in securing their places almost all at their first choice.  Destinations include UCL, Kings, Nottingham and many, many more.  Increasingly I am happy to say that more students are securing degree linked Apprenticeships with among others, TFL and Lloyds.  Whatever their destination, I would like to congratulate all of them for their successes and thank them for their contribution to Mayfield over the years.

More information will follow shortly.

Andy Rehling, Headteacher


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