Jack Petchey Awards

The Jack Petchey Foundation is a rapidly growing grant-making trust that supports secondary schools and other projects that benefit 11-25 year olds. Mayfield School participates in the Jack Petchey Award Scheme.

Outstanding Achiever of the Month Award

Each month a student is selected to receive an Achievement Award. The month’s winner receives a framed certificate, a pin-badge and a cheque for £250 (payable to the School) to be spent on a school or community project of their choice.

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How are Award Winners chosen?  

Nominations for Award winners can be made by students, members of staff, parents and governors. Winners do not necessarily have to be the cleverest student or the best at sport, but they do have to have developed or contributed to the school or the community in a significant way.

Annual Leader Award

Once a year, the school selects an adult associated with the school who has demonstrated in an outstanding way an ability to encourage and motivate young people. The Leader Award winner could include anyone from teachers to caretakers, canteen staff or non-teaching staff. This person receives a framed certificate, a gilt medallion and can apply for a Small Grant of up to £750 to fund a school project to benefit young people.

Annual Presentations

Once a year, all participating schools and colleges in the Borough attend an annual presentation ceremony at which all the schools’ Achievement Award winners and adult Leader Award winners receive boxed medallions. The ceremony is usually lively and entertaining, designed to recognise publicly the achievements of all the award winners in front of local dignitaries and celebrities. Photographs of the schools’ Award winners are taken on this occasion and placed on the Jack Petchey Foundation website.

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