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Social Sciences

Faculty Leader: Mr Mir.

Social Sciences Teaching Staff:

Ms Campbell Miss Yasmin Miss Osunsami
Mr Piller Miss Sually Miss Taylor

Our Ethos
Mayfield School believes that the subjects involved in the Social Sciences faculty can play an exciting and leading role in developing and nurturing our students in becoming not only successful in their academic studies but also socially and morally. As a department we strive to enable all of our students to understand what it means to be successful in our subject areas and how such knowledge can impact our lives in a positive way. We believe that our subjects allow students to acquire an important sense of belonging within society as well as building their own individual identity.

Teaching & Curriculum
Our team is very cohesive, friendly and mutually supportive, and currently consists of five specialist teaching areas; Government and Politics, Health and Social Care, Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology. The department works within a framework of overall school policies, with their focus on teaching and learning and the effective use of assessment for learning. The department also contributes to the school’s academic tracking system, as well as using its own mechanisms to monitor student progress. The subjects that form the Social Sciences are highly regarded and are a popular choices at GCSE (Sociology) and A Level.

Classes are of mixed ability with work that is carefully differentiated to ensure all students are supported, encouraged, and developed.

Government & Politics
Government & Politics – AS Level
Government & Politics – A2 Level

Sociology – Year 10
Sociology – Year 11
Sociology – A Level

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