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Physical Education (P.E.)


Faculty Leader: Mr Smith.

P.E. Teaching Staff:

Mr Barling Miss Butler Mr Ferrar
Miss Ciesielski Mr Mullings Mrs Tucker


Pupils at Mayfield will receive consistent lessons in Physical Education, in which all pupils are appropriately challenged and have a real desire to achieve, thus enabling them to make outstanding progress.

By the time pupils leave school they will have;

• Developed the skills, techniques and confidence to perform a range of physical activities.

• Gained the knowledge and understanding to allow them to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.

• The desire and confidence to continue to participate in sport and/or pursue an interest in the subject in their chosen pathway.

• Had opportunities to successfully engage in competitive sports to an appropriate level of performance.

Home Learning – P.E.

P.E – Year 7
P.E – Year 8
P.E – Year 9
P.E. – Sport & Exercise Science BTEC

Sports Clubs

As a faculty we see extra-curricular clubs as an important way to encourage pupils to lead a healthy, active lifestyle as well as providing opportunities for our talented athletes to excel. Pupils that reach a higher level of performance have the opportunity to join one of our sports academies where more advanced training sessions and opportunities to compete against other schools are provided.


Pupils at Mayfield School compete in various sporting competitions throughout the year. Please see below for the following competitions.

Football: National Cup | Essex Cup | Redbridge Cup | Redbridge League
Basketball: National Conference Cup | Redbridge Cup | Redbridge League
Cricket: London Cup | Essex Cup | Redbridge Cup | Redbridge League
Netball: Redbridge Cup | Redbridge League
Rounders: Redbridge Cup | Redbridge League

We also have other teams that compete in local and regional competitions, which include Handball, Badminton and Athletics.

Extra-Curricular Timetable
Please follow the link to see the Extra Curricular Timetable for the Winter of 2017.



Leadership Academy

Every Monday Mayfield School hosts a free after-school sporting event in which students setup activities for primary school students. This runs weekly from 4-5pm in the small sports hall. Prizes can be won by those who participate in preparing and assisting the younger primary school children in these activities.

Mayfield Sports Academy

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