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Design & Technology

Faculty Leader: Mrs Brooks.

Design & Technology Teaching Staff:

Mrs Smith Ms Mizzi Miss Obika
Mr Mounter Mr Sunnar Mrs Webb
Mrs Roberts Mr Piercy Mrs Cottage

Our Ethos
In Design & Technology students explore design ideas and develop their creative potential across a range of material areas; including Food, Textiles, Graphics Product, Resistant Materials and Product Design. We encourage independent thinking, communication and problem solving – key skills which will be of benefit for the rest of their lives. This is a very “hands on” subject with lots of practical work, where students can gain satisfaction from realising designs they have created. Students regularly comment on the enjoyment they had in a lesson. In this subject students build a large skill and knowledge base from working with a wide range of materials, tools and equipment. We place emphasis on the links to potential careers, include business and manufacturing possibilities.
The Design & Technology department is also keen in promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects at Mayfield School.

Documentation and Information

Home Learning – Design & Technology

Design & Technology – Year 7

Design & Technology – Year 8

Design & Technology – Year 9

Food Technology – GCSE

Product Design – A Level

Resistant Materials GCSE (AQA) – Year 10-11

Textiles Art – GCSE Year 10

Textiles Technology – GCSE Year 11

Textiles Art AS Level (Edexel) – Year 12

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