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Business & Computing

Faculty Leader: Ms Hashmi.

Business & Computing Teaching Staff:

Mrs Adebayo Miss Lawrence Mr Hamid Mr Walters
Miss Sambi Mr De Bique Ms Hashmi Mr Ghuman
Mrs Nwokolo Mrs McBride Ms Eissadi

Our Ethos
The Business and Computing faculty aims to develop students’ understanding of the subjects with excellent teaching, strong subject knowledge, high expectations and a good understanding of students’ needs. Staff are committed to stretch students’ understanding of topics and help them achieve an insight of the subject beyond the specification. Students will develop a range of relevant skills including decision making, problem solving, and independent learning to name a few. We believe that students that study subjects from our faculty will gain a positive attitude to real life experiences and will gain appropriate skills to use beyond Mayfield.

Teaching and Curriculum
The faculty consists of 12 specialist members of staff, some of which have a range of experiences in industry as well as education. Staff implement the schools ‘BEST’ ethos, and are keen to ensure all students receive consistent teaching and exposure to the curriculum. Staff have developed exciting schemes of learning which allow students to gain an insight into the field of Business, Computing, Economics and Law in and out of the classroom. As a result, a large number of students opt to study Business and Computing at Year 10 and later on in Year 12.

All students that study Business and Computing will have access to new ICT suites to support them with their education. Each room is equipped with 30 computers, all of which have Microsoft Applications and Adobe Design Suite installed. Students are given adequate printing allowances to support them at their time at Mayfield.

Home learning
Students are set home learning to aid learning in the lesson. The home learning set provides opportunities to reinforce what has been taught in school. Home learning ranges from practical tasks, to research and investigations. Students are encouraged to use a range of resources to support them when completing the home learning, this includes set books in the library to online resources. Below is an overview of the home learning policy.

pdf_icon Business GCSE
pdf_icon Business – BTEC Level 2
pdf_icon Business – GCE (from 2015)
pdf_icon Economics – GCE
pdf_icon Law – GCE

pdf_icon Computer Science – GCE
pdf_icon ICT – GCSE
pdf_icon ICT – GCE
pdf_icon Computing – Entry Level
pdf_icon Computing – GCSE
pdf_icon Computer Science – GCSE

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