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Art, Photography, & Textiles

Faculty Leader: Ms Cooper-Keeble.

Art, Photography, & Textiles Teaching Staff:

Ms Cooper-Keeble Miss Salmon Miss Obika

Our Ethos
Mayfield School believes that the arts can play an exciting and leading role in providing dynamic focus for the educational experience of its young people. As a department we strive to enable all of our students to understand what it means to create Art and to develop their confidence and ability to communicate their own ideas visually.
We believe that the study of Art and Design will enable our student to gain vital skills, which will help them acquire an important sense of belonging as well as building the self-confidence they need to do well and make their first steps towards higher education and employment.

Teaching & Curriculum
Our team is very cohesive, friendly and mutually supportive, and currently consists of four specialist teachers, with specialisms in Fine Art, Painting, Commercial Art, Set Design, Set Building, Film Industry, Interior Design, Sculpture, Print-Making, Textiles, Fashion Industry, and Photography. The department works within a framework of overall school policies, with their focus on teaching and learning and the effective use of assessment for learning. The department also contributes to the school’s academic tracking system, as well as using its own mechanisms to monitor student progress. Art, Photography, and Textiles are highly regarded subjects at Mayfield School and are a popular choice at GCSE and A Level.

In August 2012, 82% of Art students met or were above their target (90% A*-C).
In August 2013, 95% of Art students met or were above their target (87% A*-C).
In August 2014, 87% of Art students met or were above their target (97% A*-C).
In August 2015, 95% of Art students met or were above their target (90 % A*-C).

The department has four spacious rooms with a wide range of resources including facilities for Painting, Print-Making, Textiles, Photography, Computing, (with relevant software) Ceramics, Sculpture, Textiles, Sixth Form Studio Space, and also a Kiln room. We are increasing the range of media and formats on offer to reflect the expertise of staff in the department. We firmly believe in teaching core skills and concepts, while developing independent expression as pupils gain confidence and maturity.

Classes are of mixed ability with work that is carefully differentiated to ensure all students are supported, encouraged, and developed.

Home learning
In KS3 all Pupils use a sketchbook to record work, which includes class work and home learning. Home learning is an integral part of students’ progress and is set weekly or fortnightly with a variety of tasks that involve first-hand observational drawing as well as collecting and researching relevant information.
In KS4 & KS5 home learning is more frequent and students are expected to continue work independently. We advise that students should complete two hours of independent work each week. All students use sketch books and portfolios to transport work.
As a department we allow all students in all key stages to borrow any art equipment that they require to continue work at home. We also offer KS4 students an evening session twice a week where they have the opportunity to continue course work or complete home learning.

pdf_icon Home Learning – Art

Extra-Curricular Activities
Our art rooms are available for students to use every lunch time and, as a department, we encourage all students to use the art rooms whenever they can. We have regular sessions for KS4 and KS5 students every Tuesday and Wednesday evening after school for an hour with teacher support but our rooms are available most evenings for students that require space to work or need to use the facilities.

We currently organise the following extra curricular events each year for our students:

  • KS3 – lunch time availability
  • Year 10 Art/ Photography/ Textiles gallery visits
  • Year 11 Art/ Photography/ Textiles gallery visits
  • Year 12/13 gallery visits in London and abroad
  • GCSE Art/ Photography catch-up sessions held twice weekly
  • Year 12/13 Art/ Textiles show
  • KS3 Extended Talents day
  • Holiday sessions available for students

In partnership with local community groups, we create a culture of learning through the arts that is accessible to all students and to the wider community.

Documentation and Information

pdf_icon Art and Design – Year 7 Specification

pdf_icon Art and Design – Year 8 Specification

pdf_icon Art and Design – Year 9 Specification

pdf_icon Art and Design – GCSE Year 10

pdf_icon Art and Design – GCSE Year 11

pdf_icon Photography – GCSE Year 10

pdf_icon Photography – GCSE Year 11

pdf_icon Textiles – GCSE Year 10

pdf_icon Textiles – GCSE Year 11

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