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    Small Adobe Icon Achievement & Attainment 2015

    If you require further information on the examination results, please contact the school.

    Confirmed Cases of Measles in London
    Within the past three months a number of children in London have been reported to have been suffering with Measles. Please follow the link for more information on the Confirmed cases of Measles.

    Refugee Donation

    Mayfield students support London Doctors in delivering aid
    to refugees in Calais and Dunkirk.

    There are more than 13 million Syrians in need of humanitarian aid and over 4.8 million of these have sought refuge in countries they can not call home. Due to the tragic events that have taken place in Syria, thousands of refugees have sought shelter in treacherous makeshift camps as far as Calais and Dunkirk – which is situated less than 30 miles from the UK. In April Mayfield School helped by donating a huge amount of clothing to be taken over by doctors from London hospitals. The images below show the sheer amount of clothing donated.

    Victoria and Albert London, Peter Brook Schools Project 2016
    On the 23rd April 2016 Mayfield School were invited to perform an adaptation of Lord of the Flies by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Below you will see images from the performance.

    KS3 Spelling Bee 2016
    In April Key Stage 3 students participated in a Spelling Bee, which saw 9M5′s Aminah Yousaf take the winning position, closely followed by Umar Iqbal and Sara Huda.
    To see all contestants in action please play the video below

    Orchard Planting

    TfL STARS accreditation provides you with the support, tools and guidance to encourage safe, active, healthy, and more sustainable travel behaviour as part of the school journey.
    Mayfield is currently a Bronze school aiming for Silver accreditation. After May half term we are going for Gold. To gain Gold accreditation we are aiming to reach the following targets by May 2017:

    1. To increase the number of students walking to school from 40% to 50%.
    2. To increase the number of students who cycle to school from 1% to 5%.
    3. To decrease the number of students who get a lift to school in a car from 13% down to 9%.

    Land Proposal


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