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School Policies

The following documents are the downloadable information for Mayfield School.

Please note that these documents are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format and require Adobe Acrobat to open them. To download Adobe Acrobat please use the link below:

Student Based School Policies and Governor Summaries

  1. Accessibility Plan and Disability Equality Scheme Summary 2015
  2. Admission Arrangements 2017
  3. Attendance Policy
  4. Behaviour Policy
  5. Careers and Work Experience Summary
  6. Charges Summary
  7. Safeguarding Child Protection Nov 2016
  8. Community Cohesion Summary
  9. Complaints Procedure
  10. Curriculum Policy
  11. Discipline Anti-Bullying, Drugs and Weapons Policy
  12. Discretionary Fund Summary
  13. EAL policy
  14. Educational Visits Policy
  15. Gifts & Hospitality Summary
  16. Health, Safety and Welfare Summary
  17. Internet ICT Policy Staff and Students
  18. Lettings Charges 2015 / 3G Football Pitch Lettings Charges 2015
  19. Lettings Policy
  20. Maintaining Racial Harmony Policy
  21. Media Relations Policy Summary
  22. Medication Policy
  23. Nutritional Standards Summary
  24. Personal Property
  25. Privacy Notice (Data Protection Students)
  26. Promoting Equal Opportunities Summary / Policy
  27. Publication Scheme Summary
  28. RE Summary
  29. Scale of Extra Curricular Charges
  30. Security Strategy Summary
  31. SEND Policy / SEN Policy Summary
  32. Sex Education Summary
  33. Whistleblowing Policy

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